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GI Salads & Pasta Salads 139:-

(Spelt Pasta mixed with pesto, even gluten-free pasta is available).


All the salads includes: mixed salad, cherry tomatoes, red / yellow peppers, cucumber, carrot, onion, sprouts.

Dressings: sweet chili, vinaigrette, roe dressing, Caesar dressing herbal dressing 7:-


CHICKEN FILLET lukewarm in herb and chilli marinade• Chevré, walnuts, olive and honey vinaigrette
• Feta cheese cream, olive, avocado
• Cottage cheese, artichoke
PARMA HAMwith mozarella, tomatoes, fresh basil
BRESAOLAChevré, pine nuts, olive, fig balsamic
Smoked salmonSpinach, eggs, lemon
Hand peeled shrimpsAvocado, egg, lemon, melon
Crawfish tails in chili / lime marinade served with Avocado and Egg
TUNACottage cheese, eggs, olives, capers
FETA CHEESE Avocado, Olive & rocket salad
CHEVRÉSALLAD (warm) Beets, walnuts, olives, honey
CAESAR SALADWarm fillet of chicken, cocktailtomatoes, onion, olives, Parmesan cheese and garlic bread
CAESAR SALADWith shrimps, avocado, onion, garlic bread
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