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Italian Buffet

catering for larger and smaller companies

Cold cuts

Three sorts of Salami:     Sopressa, Ventricina, Napolitana
Prosciutto with melon    
Mortadella with pistachio nuts    
Bresaola with Parmesan cheese shavings     Pine kernels, arugula
Pasta salad with red or green pesto     Red Pesto: Sundried tomatoes, pine kernels, garlic, Parmesan cheese
Green Pesto: Basil, pine kernels, garlic, Parmesan cheese
Mozzarella caprese     Salad, mozzarella, tomato, olive oil, balsámico, basil and black pepper
Cheese platter with sidings     Cracker, grissini, fruit, marinated olives, fefferoni, sundried tomatoes, garlic & home baked farmer's bread

169:-/person (incl. VAT)

Tiramisú     Savoyard biscuits, Mascarpone cheese, eggcream, espresso coffee, Marsala and cacao liqueur

59:-/person (incl. VAT)


Add pasta 10:-

Organic spelt flour pasta mixed with pesto. Gluten-free pastas are available

CHICKEN FILLET 129:-     Herb marinated chicken breast
Choose between:
  • Chèvre
  • Feta cheese
PARMA HAM 129:-     with mozarella, tomato, fresh basil
BRESAOLA 129:-     Chèvre, pine kernels, olives, fig balsámico
HAND PEELED SHRIMP 135:-     Avocado, egg, lemon
TUNA 129:-     Cottage cheese, eggs, olives, capers
FETA CHEESE 129:-     Olive & mixed salad
CHÈVRE SALAD (lukewarm) 135:-     Beets, olives, honey, mixed seeds
CAESAR SALAD 135:-     Warm chicken fillet, cocktail tomatoes, onions, olives, parmesan & garlic bread
CAESAR SALAD 135:-     With shrimp, avocado, onions, olives and garlic bread

• Mixed Salad, cocktail tomatoes, red/yellow bell peppers, cucumber, carrot, onion, sprouts are included in all salads

• Derssings: Vinaigrette, Caesar dressing 7:-


99:- (Freshly baked organic charcoal dough made from spelt flour)

CHICKEN FILLET     with arugula, pesto and feta cheese
PARMA HAM     with fresh mozarella and Basil
SALAMI     with Brié & arugula
MOZZARELLA     with tomato, Basil and pesto

Warm Dishes/Pasta Dishes

LASAGNE AL FORNO 119:-   Beef farse
DELIZIE 129:-   Pasta rolls au gratin filled with zucchini, ham & cheese
PANZEROTTI CON SPINACI 125:-   Pasta pillows filled with ricotta cheese, parmesan & spinach
PANZEROTTI CON TARTUFO 129:-   Pasta pillows filled with ricotta cheese, pamesan, cep & truffle

All Panzerotti are prepared on durum wheat and are gratinated

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